HESA Timelines and key activities


The HESA dataset includes CMS employees and all relevant contracts active between 1 August and 31 July of the reporting year. 

Departments must ensure all relevant data is accurate and complete by the August payroll deadline

The University must submit its complete and accurate data return in November, with final approval from the Vice-Chancellor. 

Below is an overview of this year's process and timelines. A larger version of this illustration is available under 'Documents' on the right.

HESA timelines outline for departments image



Summary of key activities and deadlines

Please note the deadlines and actions in the table below to allow you to plan your work activities accordingly.

Date / frequency  

Action and details


Action: Run the HRINFO01 suite of reports and clear all errors.

Note: HESA set targets for us last year to focus on data completeness for:
1. Previous HEI employment/immediately previous employment
2. Academic teaching qualifications

Previous HEI employment/immediate previous employment details enable HR Systems team to source any existing HESA IDs for staff with previous HEI employment. Please ensure this data is consistently up-to-date.

We are also particularly striving for zero errors on the following, as these data items are an enabler for most of the HESA processes:

  • Staff classification sub-category

  • Employee sub-status

w/c 22 April "Check-in" communication to keep data quality on track and provide the latest statistics on data errors.
w/c 10 June
(After Payroll deadline)
"Check-in" communication to keep data quality on track and provide the latest statistics on data errors.
9 July
(Main Payroll deadline)
Clear all data errors for the HESA 2023-24 staff cohort
23 July
(Supplementary Payroll deadline)
Review and record academic titles awarded or revised for the HESA 2023-24 staff cohort in the Academic Titles UDF
w/c 22 July
(After Payroll has run)
"Check-in" communication for final opportunity to address remaining data errors before August payroll, and provide the latest statistics on data errors.
July - August 1. HR Systems will identify staff with significant research responsibility and/or research assistant status and contact relevant departments to verify that the required details have been recorded in PeopleXD.
2. HR Systems will be assessing clinicians who have received awards for clinical excellence and may ask departments to verify this data. This data is used by HESA to benchmark universities.
9 August
(Main Payroll deadline)

Final opportunity to clear remaining/new data errors.

August - October HR Systems carry out data verification exercises, working through millions of data items! Please be ready to respond to any queries that may arise during this period of rigorous HESA checks!