System availability and login


Main system for personnel and recruitment administrators (including staff requests), as well as pay approvers.



HR Reporting

Generate reports from PeopleXD. ​​​​



NB HR Reporting is hosted on CONNECT, and is accessed via the University network, eg VPN. If prompted, enter your CONNECT username in the format CONNECT\your sso. If this defaults to anything else, use More Choices to change account. Always follow the HR Reporting How-to Guide.


Access the Tableau Server (a data visualisation tool), which hosts our newly created Resourcing Dashboards.



Regular downtime and ‘at-risk’ windows

PeopleXD: 20:00 Wednesdays - 02:00 Thursdays

Regular system updates are automatically applied to the live system fortnightly, between 20:00 on Wednesday and 02:00 on Thursday. The system may be unavailable for up to an hour during this time. An in-system message will appear on your portal two days before the update is applied.

We may also use the alternate Wednesday evenings (or possibly other days) to apply further updates which require system downtime. In such cases, we will aim to do so outside of regular working hours, to minimise disruption. Where downtime is required for an extended period, or during working hours, users and applicants will be advised, as soon as this is known.

Vacancy closing dates – avoid Thursdays

As PeopleXD may routinely be unavailable for a brief period on Wednesday evenings, please avoid closing vacancies on a Thursday. 

Mosaic webpages: Thursdays 08:00 - 10:00

Oxford Mosaic (the University’s web CMS) has a regular 'at-risk' period from 08:00 - 10:00 on Thursdays, to complete essential system maintenance. This will not normally impact our webpages/access to this System availability and login page during these periods, but if you encounter issues, you can also log into PeopleXD via the HR Self-Service webpage.