Making changes to recruitment data

Closing vacancies or altering vacancy status

To close down vacancies correctly follow the guidance in the How-to guide – Close a vacancy.

Please ensure you have completed the final Vacancy Events before you close a vacancy. Refer to the Manage recruitment statuses and events guide for details.

If these guides do not cover the scenario check the other recruitment How-To guides. If you encounter problems contact HR Systems Support.

‘Vacancy Open-Closed Status’ must only ever be OPEN or CLOSED

Once a vacancy is closed, then ‘Date closed’ must be added and the ‘Vacancy Status’ must be set to either of the following:



Adding missing applicant status data

If the 'Step 2  - Applicant status validation' report (one of the HRINFO21 Vacancy and applicant data quality reports) shows that some applicant status history data are missing, follow the How-To guidance - Manage recruitment statuses and events.