Pay and costing reports

These monthly reports differ from other Personnel and Recruitment reports as they are only available/distributed to nominated individuals

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The reports will be available via Tableau each month.  You will receive an email when the reports are available.

You will need to be logged on as usual using SSO. If you are not directly connected to the University network (i.e. working remotely) you will also need to connect via VPN to access Tableau.

Further details can be found here:

Yes, once published in Tableau, the latest 6 months Payroll Costing Reports will be available for you to export at any time.

  • Open the tab for the version of the report you wish to download.
  • From the menus on the top left of the screen select the month you wish to download from the dropdown menu (A) and then select the department code(s) you wish to download from the dropdown menu (B). You can select 'All' to download all departments you have access to in one go or just individual codes to download separately.

  • Click on the 'Choose a format to download' icon (1) on the top right of the menu bar - it is located between 'Metrics' and the 'Full screen' icon.
  • Select the 'crosstab' option (2) and a separate 'Download Crosstab' menu will appear underneath

  • Select Format choose Excel, then press the 'Download' button.

The Excel file will be downloaded. How it appears will depend on the browser you are using e.g. in Edge and in Chrome the option to open the file will appear in a pop-up on the top right of the screen.

The file should be saved with a clear name to a secure network location and then deleted from your browser downloads.


Excel Formatting Instructions

  • Formatting the final six columns from text to numbers:
    • Gross Value/Employer NI/Employer Pension/Apprentice Levy/Line Total/Total by cost centre
  1. Click on the first cell of data underneath the Gross Value heading
  2. Using the keyboard:
    • Press the Shift+right arrow keys to highlight the other 5 columns
    • Whilst holding 'Shift' key press ‘End’ followed by ‘down arrow’ keys (to select the full set of row and column data required)
    • Scroll back up to first row of data, ensuring all the chosen data is still highlighted
    • You should see a yellow warning icon to the left, click on this icon and choose ‘Convert to Number'

This method can also be applied to any other columns stored as text.


Formatting headings

This can be done using a variety of options depending on your preferences:

  • Clicking into the data and then on to the ‘Format as Table’ icon from the ribbon at the top of the screen
  • By highlighting the heading row and using the formatting options (shading, Bold etc.) from the ribbon







Within three working days of the payroll run.  Email notification will be sent.

If your query concerns:

  • the use of Tableau and how the data is displayed, and your question is not covered in the instructions, contact
  • the cost codes used to produce your report or application issues with Tableau (check you are connected to the University network & VPN) contact HR Systems Support at
  • the content of the report and the values shown, contact your departmental administrator or Payroll contact

No, full instructions will be provided, you will only need to download the files from it.

Tableau is being used to automate and improve the distribution process.

All requests for access to the Payroll Costing reports should be emailed to HR Systems Support via your HR Systems Guardian. If you are not sure who this is please ask your Departmental Administrator.

Note:  Access will only be granted once the user has completed Information Security and Data Awareness and the Individual User Agreement courses.  Please make sure these are completed before submitting the request to HR Systems Support.

In the majority of cases two individuals per department are nominated to have access to the report.  Additional requests for the report will not normally be agreed to as it is expected that departments will manage and disseminate the information locally if required, ensuring that at all times appropriate security controls are in place to do so.

For the initial roll out to Tableau we are replicating the existing provision only.

The information provided in the HR payroll costing report reflects how salary payments from the PeopleXD payroll module have been costed. The instructions for costing main salary details have been set up in the system by local personnel administrators. The Payroll team coordinate implementation of temporary/casual payments provided by departments.