Current projects

We strive to continually develop our people-focused products and services to meet business needs.

At programme-level, the HR Systems team have a pivotal role and oversight of multiple systems across all the functions that sit under, and support University HR, including:

  • Human Resources;
  • Occupational Health;
  • Safety Office; and
  • People and Organisational Development.

Working closely with IT Services and the HR Systems Steering Committee we have a rolling three-year pipeline of planned, and funded projects, delivered as formal, collaborative HR/IT projects.

In addition, the HR Systems team have a continuous improvement plan, delivering PeopleXD (the University's principal HR database) system enhancements, including associated processes and reporting, as driven by user-need. This work is led by the HR Systems team, with input from and collaboration with the Product Ownership Groups (POGs). Initiatives under the POGs' workstream are normally undertaken as part of the 'business as usual' activity, without additional funding or formal projects. 

On these pages, explore what is currently on our roadmap.