HESA data entry background

On these pages

These pages provide guidance on data entry into PeopleXD for items that are returned to HESA.

HESA data is broadly divided into person-level data (information about the individual) and appointment-level data (information about the employment contract and what the individual is doing).

Follow the links below to read detailed guidance on how to enter HESA data into PeopleXD:

HESA background

HESA (the Higher Education Statistics Agency) is a charitable company that provides an information service.

HESA collects a range of data every year from UK Higher Education Providers about students, staff, finance and estates.

The data are provided to government and funding bodies. Information derived from the data are published and used by a range of organisations and individuals.

The dataset returned to HESA includes all employees and all relevant contracts active in the reporting year, between 1 August and 31 July each year.

A full overview of the HESA staff data collection effort is available on their website.

Our role

The HR Analytics Team is responsible for returning data for all employees and some workers in the University annually between September and November.

PeopleXD is the source of the data. Therefore, having high quality data in PeopleXD is essential.