HRINFO01 Data Validation - Qualifications & Subjects Report

HRINFO01 Data Validation Qualifications and Subjects - new report

We have launched an additional data quality report specifically for 'Highest Qualification Held' and 'Academic Discipline taught and/or researched'.

Both of the above items were previously in the HRINFO01 Staff Validation Report but have been removed because of performance issues.

The new report is:

HRINFO01 Data Validation Qualifications and Subjects

We advise you to therefore run both HRINFO01 reports to pick up any data quality actions.

Both of the items are collected via onboarding.  Please click on the links below for further guidance.

Highest Qualification Held

Academic Discipline taught and/or researched

Guidance on clearing errors from both of the HRINFO01 Data Quality Validation reports can be found here:

Data Quality HRINFO01 Error Clearing