Appointing guidance (online applicants) - extract Onboarding data

8. Extract completed Onboarding data for manual input into People Management


Extract the completed Onboarding data that needs to be manually input into People Management, to ensure staff record completeness. 

Run the 'Completed checklist items' report up to one week before the supplementary Payroll deadline. This report also serves as a "sense check" for outstanding data items and helps identify individuals to chase, if needed.

If dealing with a large volume of starters/movers, you may also need to run the 'Incomplete data' report to identify the specific individuals and the data items still outstanding.

The Completed checklist items report:

  • provides details of completed checklist items that need to be manually input on the staff record; and
  • includes parameters to filter by divisions, department, appointment start date - end date and employee number.

There are two versions of the report of the completed report:

  • PERINS01 – Complete onboarding checklist items – CLINICAL (for those in clinical departments/appointments)
  • PERINS01 – Complete onboarding checklist items – NON CLINICAL 

This report does not include completed data that is auto-synced to the People Management staff record.

For guidance on running the report either follwo the steps below, of follow the video:

Running reports in Insight - Onboarding

Navigation path:

Employee Dashboard > Insight


  1. Click All Reports

  1. Find 'PERINS01 – Complete onboarding items' report.

  1. Click on the three dots at the end of a row and choose View.

  1. Click REFRESH DATA 
  2. Enter the Prompts, as required (these are optional):

  1. Click OK
  2. Repeat for each tab.

Please note: The prompts may not always appear in the same order so must be checked carefully on each tab.

  1. Go to ACTIONS at the top of the screen and select Export Data



  1. The pop-ups below will appear. Leave the default Excel (recommended) or choose CSV then click OK. Leave all other settings as they appear.



  1. When prompted, save the output in a secure location.

NB After reports have been run for the first time they will appear in the ‘My Recent Reports’ screen.

Enter the extracted data into the person's record in People Management, following the guidance linked, as follows: